Our Mission Statement

We deliver security solutions, hardware, software, and services on time and correct for the benefit of our customers.


We value people.

  • Employees can expect to be treated fairly, with respect and dignity.
  • We empower employees and offer opportunities to grow.
  • We depend on them and let them know it.
  • We provide a safe work environment.
  • We communicate with them and value their input.
  • We encourage entrepreneurial initiatives

We value our customers

  • We strive for our customer’s success.
  • We value our customer’s input.
  • We believe in developing and maintaining long term relationships.
  • We are friendly, caring, and have a “we want to help” attitude.

We value integrity

  • We make only agreements we are able to make and intend to keep. Our word can be trusted.
  • We admit mistakes and give credit where credit is due.
  • We value loyal, honest, and ethical behavior.
  • We operate in a responsible manner, “above the line”.

We value profits

  • We have finances with which to grow, to pay our vendors, and pay our team.
  • Financial stability furnishes long term security to all stakeholders, i.e. shareholders, employees, vendors, customers.

We value excellence

  • We strive for superior quality in all that we do.
  • We are dedicated and focused.
  • We encourage creative and critical thinking.
  • We have a positive attitude and seek self-improvement.
  • We are accountable for our actions and results.

We value adaptability

  • We fear complacency.
  • We will not be afraid of change.
  • We take advantage of changes in the market place.